Top 10 Small Business Tasks You Can Do Better in Cloud

As of today, vast majority of applications and software’s are using Cloud technology or is Cloud-based. It is named so because to be able to access the information in the “Cloud”, the user doesn’t have to be in a specific place – just like how a cloud is everywhere. This technology allows business owners to manage their companies successfully because it syncs and stores files in different devices, allowing employees to work remotely, but not taking the control away from the owner. This eliminates logistics problems and companies can now offer their products online instead of the traditional method involving tangible means.

Since this is a new technology for some business owners, here are 10 small business tasks that you can do better in Cloud. These microworks, if partnered with Cloud, can help your enterprise grow and reach consumers effectively.

1. Schedule an appointment

Nothing is more time-consuming than appointing clients or cancelling one. Good thing there are a number of cloud tools that can help you and avert this task into being burdensome. These cloud tools can be accessed in real time and is constantly up-to-date.

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Establishing a secure connection and trust with your customer takes a lot of time, effort, and tracking. However, if you use the right cloud-based back-up, you can satisfy them without sacrificing future and current relationships because you have the right tool to deliver professional customer support.

3. Sales

Now that you’ve had a relationship with your client. It will be effective to make sales. There are myriad of software that will provide assistance from organizing your sales record to managing them.

4. Payroll

Payroll solutions can save you from a lot of stress. Paying employees and sometimes freelancers can be a complex job, fraught with tax regulations. Other Payrolls have those rules built-in, just like Payroll Pro, so, you can pay your employees with ease.

5. Accounting

A lot of software’s for accounting is now cloud-based, some even upgrading to online. Accounting tools like MYOB and QuickBooks offer a wide variety of services to help you gain valuable insights into your business’ performance.

6. Invoicing

Getting paid is a real challenge, so, invoicing software’s are a big help. These tools take-away some of the hassle by letting your clientele pay through e-mail and notifying them if their bill has been past due. It also provides end-of-the-year reports that assists you in your tax preparation.

7. Manage Workforce

Once you have employees on board, you need to manage them. Now, this can be stressful and you might be overwhelmed. Good thing workforce management solutions can help you. From training, shift scheduling, professional development and reviews.

8. Collaborate

Software’s also promote collaboration. Since your employees have access to the files as well, you can have real-time updates, whether you just jump in or out to exchange opinions with them. You and your team will feel more connected.

9. Task Management

Cloud-based task management tools can save a lot of time and will make every work a success. You can track every step and know the status of the project. It can also provide to-do lists and help remind you about upcoming events.

10. Store Important Files

Running a business means a lot of data are coming in and out of your enterprise. Having a cloud storage to put all your important files is essential. They are the go-to tools when you need a virtual cabinet. It lets you search and share files selectively.

Cloud is quickly becoming the new norm in the business world. A lot of business owners want a cost-effective assistance that will surely get the job done. Cloud can now be considered a vital part of every booming business.