Quick Guide in Choosing Your Accounting Software

How do you choose which accounting software is right for your business?  There are tons of accounting system in the Philippines and also internationally.  Each of these systems have different advantages and disadvantages as well as features.  Let this quick guide help you in choosing which one of them fits your business.

Determine your needs first.

Before trying to search for an accounting system the first thing to do is to make an assessment of your company’s needs.  Determine how complex your accounting process is and what features of the accounting cycle do you need to be computerized.  Would you like the whole system to be computerized or just a part of it?  What special needs or accounting requirement does your company have? Determining your needs is very vital since it will save you time later on.

Compare the features.

Now that you have determined your needs, it is time to compare the features of various available software. Check whether you can download a product demo of the system you are looking for.  Install the system and test it according to your needs.  Testing the demo will determine whether the system is fit for your business or not.

Determine your budget.

How much are you willing to spend for an accounting system?  Once you have a budget it is time to compare the system you selected and then put the cost of each.  Include in the cost of the software  including assumptions for annual support,maintenance and other incidental expenses.

Do you need add-ons?

Eveluate whether you need any add-on.  Remember that your accounting system is not isolated.  A good accounting system should be able to communicate to other computer programs in your office.  Check the list of add-ons when checking out the various software selections that you are considering to purchase.

Computer System Requirements.

Determine your current computer specifications and Operating System.  Each system has its own requirements which is needed in order to execute various processes without error.  For example in Australia, MYOB FirstEdge and MYOB AccountEdge are the only small business accounting software products available for the Macintosh platform.

Quick guide in choosing an accounting system

Talk to your accountant or to a consultant.

Deciding on your own can be daunting especially if you do not have the experience.  The best way is to always consult someone who is trustworthy and has good experience in it.You can also ask our own consultants for free if you do need assistance… just CONTACT US.

Ease of use.

How easy it is to use the accounting system?  Will the seller provide training for your accounting staff?  This is also very important since a system that is very easy to use, people can adapt to it easily and make the implementation a lot easier.

We hope that this “Quick Guide in Choosing Your Accounting Software” will help you in being able to choose properly and use an accounting system that will help your business grow.