Accounting System for Retail Stores

Are you looking for an accounting system for your retail store?  Finding the right accounting system can really be tricky since this system should integrate with your Point-of-Sale (POS) system.  We would like to introduce you to  MYOB Retail Manager.

MYOB Retail Manager is an advanced retail management and point of sale system.  It generally gives you a clear view of how your business is performing at anytime.  It does not only provide you with an accounting system but also a smarter way to run your retail business.

Accounting system for retail stores

What are the advantages of using MYOB Retail Manager?

The most powerful tool of this accounting system for retail stores is it lets you classify your inventory into departments and up to 3 customized categories.  You can set these categories as size, color and style.  It will then allow you to have an easier time replenishing your inventory.  It also allows you to print barcode labels for stock items and packing slips to use as checklists.

Automation is another benefit of using MYOB Retail Manager.  You can set the quantity where it is deemed as low stock.  The accounting system can then automatically create purchase orders for these stocks.

Customer relations friendly accounting system

Retail accounting system MYOB Philippines

MYOB Retail Manager is very customer oriented.  It allows you to create contact groups and then communicate with these groups.  You can send them promotional materials, print mailing labels and bar code labels.  It does not only let you communicate instantly with your consumers because you can also connect instantly to your suppliers.  Email your clients special offers, newsletters, brochures and promotions. The ability to print customer bar code labels lets you create membership cards for loyalty programs. (You can also visit this link for more information on MYOB Retail Manager)

Start using this powerful accounting system now and see the great improvement your retail business will have.  Contact us now or call us at +63(2)8535-SEED / 63(2)8535-7333.