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Your expanding business needs easy-to-use yet powerful accounting, inventory, and reporting capabilities. Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2016 provides at-a-glance dashboards and management centers, plus budget and analysis tools to help you make confident decisions.
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1 USER₱51,000
3 USERS₱84,00
5 USERS₱117,500

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Achieve More Every Day. Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2016
Product Benefits
With Sage 50 Premium Accounting, you will:

  • Gain control over inventory, job costs, and estimates and invoicing
  • Know where your business stands with customized views of your most important business metrics
  • Become more efficient and productive while managing your strategic growth
  • Control budgets and departments
  • Get insight with custom reporting
  • Meet inventory and project needs
  • Consolidate financials
  • Get screen-level security with multi-user options
Save Time with Your Accounting System by Improving Efficiency

  • Exclusive Premium Feature: Compare multiple budgets across four years
  • Invoice customers by mail or email
  • Automate purchase orders
  • Pay bills electronically1 or print paper checks
  • Focus on key business metrics with at-a-glance dashboards
Control and Secure Business Data

  • Exclusive Premium Feature: Easily archive and restore company data
  • Control user access at screen and module levels
  • Check for common accounting errors with the Internal Accounting Review2
  • Use audit trails to track user activity and help deter fraud
  • Enhanced security for prior period data
Organize and Manage Your Business

  • Exclusive Premium Feature: Use serialized inventory to track warranty claims and recalls
  • Exclusive Premium Feature: Enter and track job change orders
  • Set email alerts to let you know what requires attention
  • Run forecasting and bench marking reports for long-range planning
  • Get business insight and analysis with Crystal Reports®
Business Status Center

  • Get a high-level view of your key business metrics
  • Customize and sort the data to suit your needs
  • Quickly drill down to transactions and contact details
  • Graph data, print it, create a PDF or email it
Vendor Management Center
  • View current orders
  • Look up vendors by any contact information
  • Customize and sort vendor data to suit your needs
  • Quickly drill down to transactions and vendor details
Customer Management Center
  • Access customer information, invoices, receipts, time tickets and more
  • Rank customers by gross profit
  • Customize and sort customer data to suit your needs
  • Quickly drill down to transactions and customer details
Inventory and Services Management Center
  • Track inventory
  • Plan purchases
  • Expand service offerings
  • Customize and sort item and service data to suit your needs
  • Quickly drill down to transactions and item/service details
Business Data At-a-Glance
  • Sage 50 Business Intelligence3 custom reporting and analysis integrated with Sage 50 Premium Accounting using the familiar interface of Microsoft Excel and real-time Sage 50 data.
  • More than 125 customizable reports and financial statements to help you make more informed decisions
  • Crystal Reports®
  • Export most information to Excel4 for further analysis
Advanced Budgeting
  • Maintain multiple budgets with up to four years of data
  • Compare budgets across years and against actual results
Cash Flow Management
  • Analyze and forecast payments and receipts
  • Monitor cash to meet current and upcoming obligations

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